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Biomystic teas

Biomystic Energy Tea

A refreshing cup of Biomystic Energy tea will help you unleash your inner strength, thanks to the scintillating blend of black tea leaves, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon.

This zinging energy bomb is made from 100% natural, premium herbs, and contains ingredients widely known for powering up that essential brain and body boost.


Biomystic De-Bloat Tea

Enjoy a luxurious cup of green tea mixed with a selection of premium, loose leaf herbs that are known to target swelling in the body

The tea contains 100% natural ingredients, including dandelion leaves, horsetail and elderflower, which are traditionally used to eliminate fluid retention and ease discomfort from excess gases.


Biomystic Relax Tea

Unwind your mind and step inside a world of calm with a soothing cup of Relax Tea.

The 100% natural, loose leaf blend contains premium ingredients including lemon balm, camomile and valerian root, which are traditionally used as stress-relievers and mild sedatives to promote a restful sleep.


Biomystic Slim Tea

You can achieve that healthy, toned body you’ve always wanted with the help of Biomystic’s Slim Tea.

The loose leaf blend contains a powerful and unique concoction of 100% natural herbs, including peppermint, ash leaves, European goldenrod and fennel, which are traditionally used to help with weight loss.

Slim Tea uses only premium quality ingredients and is free of caffeine and laxatives, so it is also a healthy and wholesome addition to your slimming regime.


Biomystic Detox Tea

Revitalise your digestion by enjoying a cleansing cup of Detox Tea.

This is a purifying and invigorating drink containing a premium blend of 100% natural, loose leaf ingredients, including nettle, flaxseed, yarrow leaves and oat plant, which are known for their diuretic and metabolism-boosting qualities.